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  • shave for cheap. In short: shave soap, badger brush, safety razor, and double-edge blades. Disposable razors and shaving cream are a waste of your money and the earth's resources. To start, I got:
    • a badger brush (like this one for $12)
    • a brush stand (like this one for $10)
    • a safety razor: mine is a LORD safety razor (cheap and reasonably built,¬†$10), a badger brush and stand (so that it can drip dry and the water doesn't get trapped inside the brush).
    • ...or this set¬†(for $29)¬†instead of the above three items.
    • shave soaps: Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soaps (12-pack for $22). I use one soap every 6 months, so this pack will last about 6 years...or $3.70 per year. And each soap includes its own re-sealable container, so no need to get a separate soap bowl.
    • Astra Platinum blades (100pk for ~$8; each blade lasts me a couple weeks, but most people change theirs every 3-5 days). For me, it will last about 6 years ($1.70/yr), but for others it might only last a year ($10/yr)
    • ...that's a total of $34 for your equipment $5-12 per year for supplies.
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