Effectively utilize public employee skills. We should not pay school teachers to act as babysitters. We should not pay police officers to sit around doing jobs that could be easily automated, when their skills are so much more valuable to society doing tasks that utilize their  intelligence, skills, and training.

Effectively utilize technology. Government and public services could become more efficient by better utilizing technology.

Effectively utilize residents' skills, interests, and passions. Many residents want to give back to their community, but stagnate out of fear of dealing with the government bureaucracy and red tape.

Encourage exchange of ideas and methods between government and private industry. Today governments encourage their employees to spend their entire career working for the government. An example of this is in the pensions provided to government workers. Instead of pensions, governments should facilitate fluidity of employees--and indirectly, their ideas--by moving towards retirement plans like 401(k) which are more portable and aligned with common offerings in private industry today.

Encourage diversity of representation in State Legislature. Fewer lawyers and real estate agents; more teachers, engineers, and laborers. Make it easier for people from different cross-sections of our society to be directly represented in Olympia. Incorporating teachers and business leaders is especially important given the responsibility of the legislature to oversee education, as well as the vitality of education to our state economy.

New models for representative governance (liquid democracy)

New models for elections (iterative runoff voting)