Social Issues

Unemployment, technology, and re-training. I've long joked that my job is to automate my job. But the truth is that's the role of technology in our lives. And that's why education--and especially a society's capacity to re-train--will become increasingly vital to any society's ongoing success.
context: (I can't say I understand enough of it to accurately address the concerns, but I think I get the gest of it from the title.)

Poverty. I need to write about this. Discuss gangs, drugs, malnutrition, education, breaking the cycle... 

The Sanctity of Marriage should not be legislated. The first step to revive any sanctity of marriage is to stop allowing our government to declare what is sacred. Marriage is a spiritual bond recognized by a community (often specifically a community of faith, but might be any social community), and should be established separately from domestic legal partnerships. No government should be able to designate who can get married and who can not--instead, the government should focus on providing a framework to support domestic partnerships. A domestic partnership shall be available to any two persons who meet basic requirements for establishing a legal contract, and shall not necessarily imply the existence of a sexual relationship or even a life-long commitment. It simply affirms that people can often live more effectively in a solid relationship than alone or transient commitments, and allows for tracking of domestic partner benefits which encourage such solid relationships for the well being of society.