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Commuter Bus Stations

Idea: Commuter Bus Stations

The transit agencies should work together to build Commuter Bus Terminals at the north and south end of downtown. The terminals would provide a warm, secure waiting area for riders. Riders would pay their bus fare upon entering the facility. The facility would include restrooms, news stands, and coffee stands with simple grab-n-go food services. Buses serving the facility should have direct freeway ramp access. 

Between these Commuter Bus stations, a set of circulator vehicles would provide frequent, free, quick service between the two stations. These vehicles (bus or rail) would be at the street level with low floors, provide level wheelchair boarding (with automatic curb alignment), have signal-priority at intersections with (semi-)dedicated right-of-way, and lots of doors for quick boarding.

Ideally, the only routes on city streets would be local routes. 


  • minimizes time waiting on the curb.
  • reduces the number of buses thru downtown (reducing congestion and emissions). 
  • improves the reliability of bus service to and thru downtown.
  • reduces the number of wasted bus hours on congested downtown streets.

Similar scaled-down facilities should also be built outside of downtown at major Freeway Stations, Park-n-Rides, Transit Centers, and other major transfer locations.

References to similar facilities: