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Interior Design

Yeah, I know...Seattle is already up to its ears in process. But there are several things about the current generation of buses that bug me, and I wish that Metro and Sound Transit would have considered before purchasing their current fleet of vehicles.

Overhead luggage bins - Have you ever put anything in Sound Transit's overhead storage bins? (crowds shake their heads) Have you ever bumped your head on them? (crowds nod their heads) Enough said.

Upper handhold cloth loops of death - Fortunately they're only on a couple buses...however, they're not only useless, they're also dangerous. They invite injuries to those who attempt to use them.

Lack of vertical handhold bars - There should be handholds accessible at every part of the bus...especially in the articulated section of the bus. But many of the new articulated buses lack handholds in this critical area. Sure, you'd like to move on to the back of the bus to give those in the front more space, but without these handhold bars, it's just not safe to move thru this area when the bus is moving.

Where're the doors? - Some of the older buses had three sets of doors...and some of them were even wide enough that two people could pass thru them at the same time! Wouldn't that be nice? Yeah, I know there's only one place to pay the fare, but we'll work on that later...

To help identify these problems in the future, Metro should solicit public review of buses before they are purchased.