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Regional Connections

One-Seat-Ride between major destinations

Consider this scenario: You're trying to get from the eastside (north of Bellevue) to Fremont, what are your options? You'll probably take a bus across 520 (such as the 255 or 540) and need to transfer at Montlake. Unfortunately, there are no routes which serve both Montlake and Fremont! Montlake, as a major transfer station for routes from the eastside, and Fremont, as a major urban center, should be connected. There are likely other parts of the city facing similar challenges. This working document outlines these deficiencies and offers ideas for improvement.

Redmond to Ballard

TODO: write this

Bothell to Sea-Tac

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Montlake to Fremont

Split the 48 schedule into two routes which would be interleaved at once every 30 minutes (continuing to provide 15 minute service frequency in the core from Walden to UW). Runs from Henderson would divert to replace the existing route 31 from UW to Fremont and Magnolia (could be numbered 'route 47'); the runs from Columbia City would continue north to complete the current 48 route to Greenlake/85th.

  • Advantages
    • provides daytime one-seat service from Magnolia and Fremont to Montlake every 30 minutes
    • frees service hours from north half of 48 for additional service 
  • Disadvantages
    • 47 would cross two lifting bridges (Montlake & Fremont)
    • half of buses on north half of 48 would be discontinued, service hours could be designated for needed service.
  • Additional considerations
    • makes sense if less than half of riders from 48 north of UW do not continue south of UW.
    • recent renumbering of route 74 to route 30 would make less sense (although having routes 74 and 47 both serve Fremont could really confuse our dyslexic riders!)