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Coordinated Publications

Idea: Regionally Coordinated Publications

There are several inconsistencies in the ways that riders must seek out transit information (maps and schedules), depending on which agency owns the route...

  • Metro publishes its schedules in individual pamphlets. Sound Transit publishes its schedules in one big book.
  • Metro's trip planner links to schedules of individual Metro routes, but only links to the Sound Transit's home page for Sound Transit routes.
  • The transit information (especially maps and schedules) of the various agencies' websites are organized very differently.

This information should be integrated into a common format, both on the Internet and in print, according to industry best practices (pdf). Even better, transit agencies should publish their map and schedule data into a standard feed specification (such as  so that third parties could compete to provide the information to riders in better formats, such as the Google Transit Data Feed specification, like several other agencies have already done.